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We work with your team to create an Awesome Practice Culture. Without a culture of success, marketing efforts are a waste.

With the Awesome Practice Culture in place, the second momentum driver is your 9-Star Patient Experience that becomes your most important differentiator.

With an Awesome Practice Culture and the 9-Star Patient Experience in place, the next attraction driver is to leverage your online Reputation using Reviews and optimizing your Google My Business for Page 1 visibility.

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Create an Awesome Practice Culture

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An Awesome Practice Culture, or what our partners at the Crown Council call a Culture of Success is the one thing that if you do well, everything else you do to grow your practice will become more effective.

We’ll take an audit of your current culture and then help you develop your Compelling Benefit Statement, articulate your Service Values and your Service Purpose.

Without these foundational elements, your practice culture will evolve by default. To help you intentionally create a culture of success we partner with such organizations as the Crown Council and JoyFULL to deliver to your team training and coaching.

Wow Patients With A 9-Star Experience

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 Delivering unforgettable patient experiences starts with knowing what to do to deliver such experiences.

We help you transform everyday patient interactions into Moments of Magic from the moment a patient enters, or interacts with your digital assets to the moment they come in, receive treatment and leave.

In between visits, we use Birthday and Holiday Campaigns delivered via text, video email and automated voice mail.

To guarantee continuous improvement of the patient experience, we deliver surveys built on the NPS (Net Promoter Score) Framework. 

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Become the most trusted practice

Dental Marketing Experts

Being trusted by Google will get you to the top of search on the page 1 spots that matter. To get there, you need a Google My Business Page that’s being continuously optimized.

You’ll also need a consistent flow of fresh, high quality reviews. 25% of where you end up on Google will depend on your Reviews while 33% depends on your Google My Business. That’s a total of 58%. 

As  your SEO and visibility partner, our team of SEO experts, Google My Business Ninjas and Reviews experts will work around the clock to make sure you get and stay on Page 1.

Attract More High Value Patients Now

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Why The Flywheel creates growth momentum

High-Value Patients On Demand

Working on fewer but higher value cases is what will bring in the most profits and impact for your practice. To get these implant and cosmetic cases, you need a predictable system for attracting them on demand.

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Compelling Benefit Statement

Gets your team communicating the same benefit to patients.

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Patient Feedback

System for getting authentic, actionable feedback on the patient experience.

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Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy built around the perfect Message-Market-Media match, you’ll be relegated to playing defense.

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Your Service Values

Give your team a values around which to wow patients.

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Your Service Purpose

Ensures that your team knows the real why they do what they do.

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Moments of Magic

Wow patients from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave.

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Survey Dashboard

Dashboard shows feedback data in real time allowing you to work on areas of the patient experience.

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Be visible online so you can be found by thousands of people searching for your services on search engines.

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Paid Advertising

The best way guaranteed to fill your new patient pipeline with prospects is paid advertising or PPC.

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“A flywheel is not is not a list of action steps drawn as a circle. No, it has to have an underlying logic, such that if you hit component A, you can’t help but go to component B. And if you get component B, you can’t help but go to component C. And if you hit component C, you can’t help but go to D..”

Jim Collins.

The Flywheel Effect

Create Growth Momentum For Your Practice Starting Today

A dental practice, like any other business, is a living entity. It’s growing or  declining and both growth and decline have momentum. So what’s the direction of your practice’s momentum? Towards growth or towards decline? We’ll help you create growth momentum.

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