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Endear Yourself To The Community

Community Dominance is the the 9th and final Momentum Driver on a Practice Flywheel.

Become the most known practice in your community by doing Community Giving Initiatives, social media driven Contests, Business Win-Win partnerships and becoming active in community Associations.

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Community Dominance Driver #1

Doing Good Programs 

According to our friends at the Crown Council, Doing Good represents all the philanthropic work you do both in your community and around the world. The Smiles For Life Campaign is one fine example of doing good that not only does a lot of good for the community, it drives retention to the roof and goes a long way in building your practice culture.

Dental Marketing Experts
Dental Marketing Experts

Community Dominance Driver #2

Social Media Driven Contests & Challenges

Smile Giveaways Contests, Gratefulness Month Challenges, Essential Worker Appreciation Month Challenges, Awesome Habit Challenges and other creative challenges all do a great job of endearing you to the community you serve.

Community Dominance Driver #3

Memberships To Community Associations

Become active and engaged in the civic associations in the community you serve. Join the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce or some other organizations to establish yourself as the dentistry authority. If you have written a book use it to reach out for building relationships. Become active in the goings on of  civic groups in the community.  

Best Dental Marketing Agency
Best Dental Marketing Agency

 Referrals Driver #4

Win-Win Partnerships

Do people in leadership roles at schools, fire halls, grocery stores, pharmacies, libraries, hospitals around 5 miles of where you operate know you exist?

Create relationships with every organization you can. We can help you do this so that we establish you as the ultimate authority on everything dentistry. 

Deploy These Drivers To Endear Yourself To The Community You Serve

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Do More Good In The Community

Be an active supporter and promoter of such initiatives as The Smiles For Life Foundation to benefit your community.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Keep Community Engaged with Contests

Always have a contest of one type or another running. These have the power to keep your patient base engaged.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Associations & Affiliations

Be engaged with a select group of civic groups in the community you serve. Rotary Club or the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce are great to start.

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Win-Win Partnerships

Create programs to partner with schools, pharmacies, Fire Halls, grocery stores, car dealerships or whoever to exchange value and sell your implants or cosmetic dentistry.

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