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Convert More Prospects Into Patients

Convert a higher % of prospects into patients. We will help you create a portfolio of Digital Real Estate assets that will start the prospect conversion process online.

Marketing funnels will guide people from being strangers to prospects and from prospects to patients in your chairs. 

When prospects call, a water-proof sales system for moving them to yes is needed. This is why we recommend that our clients put their teams through intensive training by our partner Case Acceptance coaches.

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Rich Digital Real Estate

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Your digital assets might be scaring prospects away or connecting with them. To convert more prospects into patients than anybody else in your market, you must invest in your digital real estate portfolio the same way you’ve invested in your physical building and equipment.

Your website must not be the only digital asset you have. It must be supported by emotionally compelling copy, videos, photos, a focused social media presence, follow up sequences, promo campaigns, ad library, reviews and reputation marketing systems.

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Guide Patients Into Your Chairs With Funnels

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Leveraging the awesome power of Marketing Funnels, we’ll help you guide patients along their buyer’s journey from the moment they see your ads on social media to the time they sit in your chairs receiving treatment.

To get the most paid traffic into your funnels, we’ll build emotionally compelling ad assets for deployment on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other online ad networks.

Since 97% of candidates for advertised procedures are not ready to come in at the time they see the ads, we create Free Reports for use in capturing leads’ contact details for nurturing. We also deploy powerful retargeting that follows your web visitors all over the internet.

Build Case Acceptance Sales Process

Best Dental Marketing Agency

When your digital assets have done their job to connect with prospects online getting them to schedule an appointment, the work of your Case Acceptance System begins, starting with how the phones are answered.

To get this done we recommend that our clients put the front office team through phone training by our partner Case Acceptance coaches.

Besides having the front office team trained, we also recommend that our clients get their Treatment Co-Ordinator’s or Patient Advocates through sales training and coaching by our partner Case Acceptance coaches.

Follow-up & Nurture 

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Use Treatment Not Accepted campaigns to engage and nurture patients that haven’t scheduled treatment. Leverage the power of video to send post-op instructions to patients. 

Nurture paid traffic leads that have downloaded your lead magnets to keep them in your practice ecosystem. That’s how you stay top of mind.

Differentiate yourself by embedding your practice in the life of your patients using Milestone Birthday campaigns and other evergreen campaigns such as holiday campaigns and promotions .

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Why It Creates Unstoppable Momentum

It’s a prospect conversion system

When a candidate for implants or cosmetic dentistry self identifies by clicking an ad or downloading a lead magnet free report, it becomes the job of your digital assets to create an emotional connection with that prospect, so that they schedule an appointment. When the prospect calls or schedules online, it becomes the job of the Front Office Team and Patient Advocate/Treatment Co-Ordinator to execute on understanding the patient’s Chief Conditions, Chief Disabilities, Chief Desired Benefits and Chief Fit Issues so that they know as quickly as possible the best way to help the prospect.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Web Hub

Turns your website into the central hub for all assets in your Digital Real Estate portfolio.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Phone Magic

Turns your front office staff into case acceptance system rockstars through coaching

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Targeted Engagement

Follows up with patients based on the treatment that is relevant to them, thus creating trust that explodes your case acceptance.

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Online Reviews

Generates digital word of mouth and then leverage your reviews to attract and convert the most patients.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Compelling Assets

Leverages video and great copywriting to emotionally connect with prospects online

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Case Acceptance

Turns your Treatment Co-Ordinator into a sales pro who can close any case that walks or calls.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Patient Experience

Delivers to the patient the experience of being understood and cared for every step of their journey.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Top of Mind At All Times

Video based appointment notifications (not reminders), birthday week campaigns and holiday campaigns keep you top of mind.

Best Dental Marketing Agency

Multi-Platform Engagement

Uses text messages, video email, regular email, direct mail, automated voice drops and Social Media SMS to engage with patients.

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