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Nurture Patient Relationships

97% of the candidates for your procedures are not ready to begin treatmentthe first time they interact with your brand. Online or in your office.

You loose the ability to nurture and build relationships with them if you have no system for capturing their contact details.

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Why fOLLOW-UP & ENGAGEMENT are Important

They Keep You Top Of Patients’ Minds

Use Birthday Week Campaigns, Holiday Campaigns and other campaigns to engage patients as well as provide them with value. That’s how you stay top of mind.

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Increases Case Acceptance

Nurture patients that you’ve recommended treatment who haven’t made the decision to begin.  Use video email and text messages that are specific to the treatment you recommended to engage and help their decision making.

Level Up Your Patient Experience

Send video based, targeted-to-procedure post-op instructions to show your patients that you care. Wow your patients by sending targeted messages and gifts during special commemorative events. Imagine a patient of yours who is a veteran getting a message from their dentist thanking them for their service. How would that patient feel? 

Dental Marketing Experts
Dental Marketing Experts

Makes Your Team Superheroes

Deploying targeted follow-up and engagement messages to your patients on auto pilot up-levels your patient experiences in ways that nothing else can… making your team look like superheroes. 

The 6 Must Have Engagement Sequences

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Report Downloaded Follow-Up Sequence

Use reports to incentivize people that’re not ready to begin treatment so they can give their contact details so you can nurture them.

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No Show Follow Up

Engage no-shows so that they not only re-book but so that they keep their appointments.

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Appointment Booked Pre-Visit Follow-Up

Engage patients that have booked appointments so that by you staying top of mind, cancellations are lowered drastically.

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Treatment Not Accepted Follow-up

Nurture people that have been given treatment plans but haven’t agreed to begin. Use video emails and text to help them choose you when they’re ready.

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Long Term Nurture Sequence

Provide value throughout the year using a long term nurture sequence that engages patients 5 times a month.

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Post Visit Follow Up System

Separate yourself from the competition and show that you really care for your patients by sending them procedure-specific post-op follow up instructions.

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