Dental Marketing Experts
Dental Marketing Experts

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Patients that have not come into the office in a year or more represent the 3rd easiest source of new production. Use video, email, text and even direct lumpy mail to reactivate these dormant patients.

Set up an automated system for identifying and engaging patients the moment they exceed a certain period without having come in.

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Why It’s Important To Always Be Reaching Out To Dormant Patients

Guaranteed Flow Of New Production 

Get yourself a system that runs a sophisticated lost patients reactivation campaign on autopilot bringing in a  guaranteed flow of reactivated patients every month.  

Dental Marketing Experts

Leverage Multiple Channels To Reach Out

Reach out to patients that have become dormant using video that’s embedded in text messages, email and social media SMS. If needed, deploy lumpy direct mail that is guaranteed to bring in people…. even if they had switched to another dental office.

Create An Irresistible Reactivation Offer

To incentivize dormant patients to come in, make them an irresistible offer. Offer them a trip to the massage therapist or a welcome back package of some kind. What you can put as part of your Irresistible Offer is only limited by your imagination. 

Dental Marketing Experts

Reach Out Using Multiple Channels

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Emails

Utilize email to reach out to and engage with dormant patients. Embed videos into the email messages to increase engagement.

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Training

Get your Front Office Team trained on the best way to handle reactivation calls.

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Text Messages

Use the most easily connected communication mode to reach out and connect with patients considered dormant.

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Videos

The best way to connect with dormant patients is using video. With access to our Reactivation Video Scripts, this will be easy to do.

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Lumpy Mail

A letter with an enclosed boomerang or compass will ALWAYS be opened. That’s the power of lumpy mail.

Dental Marketing Experts

Reactivation Offer

Offer your dormant patients something that would incentivize them to come in.

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The practice that will take hold of the Flywheel Framework like Amazon did will monopolize new patient flow in your market.

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