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Supercharge Your New Patient Flow

Marketing Funnels help you attract, connect and guide your dream patients, moving them from being total strangers to patients in your chairs.

As the 5th Momentum Driver on your practice flywheel, Marketing Funnels will drive growth by giving you the framework with which to attract and convert strangers into prospects you can guide into the Case Acceptance stage of your Practice Flywheel.

arehy marketing Funnels is critical…

They Guide Patients On An Emotional Pathway

Your candidates for dental implants or cosmetic dentistry are all at different stages of their buyer’s journey.

Some are just symptomatic with no clue what options are available, some know their options and are researching them, and some know exactly what solution they want and are actively shopping.

To connect with each of these three groups, you must communicate with them using messaging that’s specific to the stage they are at in. That’s where funnels shine.

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Creates A Flood Of Quality Leads Using Paid Ads

PPC deployed in a Flywheel Framework brings results because it is part of overall marketing funnel strategy.

Most practices make the mistake of just running paid ads without a funnel framework within which to run the ads.

With Dentistry Flywheels, PPC campaigns will be deployed as part of your top and middle of the funnel tactics to bring in people who don’t know you and then nurture them with follow up sequences to move them down the funnel.

Use Video To Emotionally Connect With Patients

We’ll help you create and deploy video that reaches out to prospects on every step of their journey. Why Videos will help people in your city know who you are and what you stand for.

How Videos will help those who know you like you and finally, What Videos will help people trust you. This is called the 3×3 video strategy.

It’ s the strategy we will deploy to help you reach out to patients during every step of their patient journey.

Best Dental Marketing Agency
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Follow Up & Nurture Leads Until They’re Ready

97% of implants or cosmetic dentistry candidates are not red-hot-ready to begin treatment the first time they interact with your marketing assets online.

We will create free reports for use on your website as lead magnets so that you can capture the contact information of these not-yet-ready-to-start-treatment patients.

We will then help you nurture your relationship with them sending them valued filled content to keep you top of mind. When they are ready, these nurtured patients will find their way to your office.

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Targeted Messaging

For your funnels to be effective at guiding patients along their journey, you need messaging that’s targeted to patients’ chief conditions, disabilities, desired benefits and fit issues.

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Google Ads

We will deploy Google ads to connect with patients that’re symptomatic, are researching, as well as those who’re shopping  for your services.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube is the ultimate video search engine. With good video assets we can build and deploy an effect YouTube ads strategy that will see a consistent flow of calls for implant ort cosmetic consultations.

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Compelling Video Assets

100% of your current and prospective patients are consuming video more than any other content. We’ll help you build and deploy the most emotionally compelling video assets.

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Compelling Copywriting

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. You need great copywriters on your team. The form of copywriting that delivers patients into your seats is direct response copywriting. That’s what we do.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to build relationships with patients that are not ready to start treatment. It’s also a great place to find those who are ready to go.

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Instagram Ads

Like Facebook, IG is another platform where both ready and not-so-ready patients can be reached out on and connected with to come in or build a relationship.

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Retargeting Ads

People who visit your website have raised their hand as possible candidates for your procedures, so we will deploy retargeting ads to follow them all over the web.

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Follow Up Campaigns

Follow up campaigns that are targeted to the procedures people are interested in will be an integral part of your marketing funnels.

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