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9-Star Patient Experience

Differentiate Your Practice

If you want to set your practice apart to compete on value, not price, then you must deliver a 9-Star Patient Experience. This is the 2nd Momentum Driver on your Practice Flywheel.

Delivering a Ritz-Carlton or Nordstorm type experience is the guaranteed way to absolutely dominate your market for implants or cosmetic dentistry by becoming the go-to destination in your city.

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Why It’s Important

It’s how you’ll become the go-to practice in your city

From the hotel industry (think Ritz-Carlton), through retail stores (think Zappos, Nordstrom), to family entertainment (think Disney) the one thing that separates the top 1% from everybody else is the experience delivered to the customer.   

What’s A 9-Star Experience?

This is an intentionally developed experience designed to transform every interaction between your practice and its patients into Moments of Magic that wow and enchant your patients.

From the time they interact with your digital assets online right up to the time they leave your office all the way to in-between visits…

Delivering an out-of-this-world patients experience is how you set your practice apart from every other dental office in your market. It’s how you can charge any fees you want without fear of loosing patients through sticker shock.

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Deliver Moments of Magic Every Time

The challenge for most practices that desire to deliver an amazing experience to their patients is not knowing what to do.

That is why we wrote The 9-Star Patient Experience Moments of Magic Playbook.

To give you the exact plays you must deploy to give your patients an experience that will get them accepting treatment, referring their folks your way and staying with you for a lifetime.

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Build The 9 Patient Experience Drivers

In order to build and deploy the 9-Star Patient Experience, you’ll need a foundation that’s built on an Awesome Practice Culture.

This means you must have:

  • A Compelling Benefit Statement crafted
  • Your Service Purpose clarified
  • Your Service Values developed

Once you have the foundation in place you must build up and deploy the 9 Momentum Drivers that will power your patient experience flywheel.

9-Star Patient Experience

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Awesome Team Buy-In

Without commitment from the practice leadership to inspire total buy-in from the team, any effort to create a 9-Star Patient Experience will be met with intense friction

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Phone Magic

The deeper emotional connections created when patients visit you online, the greater the chances of them calling to schedule appointments. This is when Phone Magic should happen to bring them in.

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The Appointment Experience

The initial consultation is the most critical for new implants or cosmetic dentistry cases so the Case Presentation Team must shine here.

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Moment of Magic Playbook

Once the team buys into the vision for an awesome patient experience the next step is to decide on WHAT interactions to turn into Moments of Magic.

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Compelling Digital Experience

The first place for new patients and prospects to experience your awesomeness is through their interactions with your digital assets. They have to be compelling.

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9-Star Office Welcome

When the patients come in, its show time because first impressions last the longest, so the team must be ready to deliver a welcome experience that wows them into accepting treatment.

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Pre-Appointment Experience

As the patient awaits their appointment, this is the time to continue delivering an awesome experience.

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Post Visit Experience

When the patients leave you must continue to wow them with post-op instructions and follow up that’s specific to the procedures they received.

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Between Visits Experience

You have to stay top of mind by continuing to engage the patients and their families with birthday campaigns and holiday campaigns.

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The practice that will take hold of the Flywheel Framework like Amazon did will monopolize new patient flow in your market.

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