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Get A Consistent Flow of Referrals

See every patient as part of a chain link. Then put in place a a planned, formalized and systematic referrals generation system.

Sumarised below are the main components of a Referrals Genration System that brings a consistent flow of new new referrals every month.

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Referrals Driver #1

An Intentional Referrals Culture… 

This is a practice culture around the generation of referrals. Expectations for referrals are set with New Patients and the Team and referrals are promoted aggressively using Referrals Office Cues and messaging.

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Referrals Driver #2

A Well Thought-Out Referrals Funnel

A Referrals Landing Page with Dr. Video requesting the referrals. Landing page will have a form onto which the referrer inputs the referee’s details. Once they click submit, they are taken to a Thank Page where the Dr. thanks the referrer in video. Other parts of the funnel include the Referee Follow-up sequence and the Referrer Thank You Sequence.

Referrals Driver #3

A Standardized Referrals Generation System

Standardization of the Referrals Generation System on the human side of the system is important. SOPs must therefore be created around questions such as:

How is a referral requested?

How are referrals welcomed on first day?

How is the team rewarded for referrals?

How is the referrer rewarded?

Dental Marketing Experts
Dental Marketing Experts

 Referrals Driver #4

A Cutting Edge Automation System

To succeed at generating a consistent flow of referrals, you need a system that allows you to deploy video referrals requests, send thank you messages to the referrers, follow up with the referees, send out predetermined gifts to the referrers as well as create a link-tree referrals relationship so you trace relationships.

Referrals Driver #5

Office Cues Reinforce Expected Behavior

Having cues in plain sight is a constant reminder to your team of the importance of delivering a level of service that elicits referrals from patients. They also communicate the expectation to patients.

Wall posters, lapel pins,  Wall of Fame Boards, Referrals Cards and other cues can all be used reinforce the expected behavior.

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The 6 Referrals Generation System Drivers

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Leadership Commitment

Generating a consistent flow of referred new patients every month requires leadership commitment in building a referrals system that all team members rally around.

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A Great Referrals Culture

Like most things in a thriving practice, a strong referrals culture is needed to get a consistent flow of new production from referred patients.

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A Referrals Funnel

This makes it easy to manage referrals generation, follow-up as well as optimize the whole process by identifying areas where the system is not performing as it should.

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Referrals System SOPs

The team needs to be clear on what’s expected of them and what to do around the generation of referrals. 

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The Referrals Automation

A good automation system will initiate a referrals campaign, follow up with referring patients, follow through with referrals, send thank you messages as well as send out gits to referring patients.

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Office Cues

Wall posters, lapel pins,  Wall of Fame Boards, Referral Cards and other cues must all be used to reinforce the expected behavior when it comes to referrals generation.

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