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Retain More Patients

Close the back door on patient churn so you’re not always in the search for new patients bread-and-butter cases by Reactivating Dormant Patients.

According to research by 1-800 dentist 50% of new patients don’t return after the initial visit. We’ll help you put an end to that with the New Patient Shock & Awe Strategy.

Deliver the 9-Star Patient Experience to generate a consistent flow of Referrals every month. Supercharge your retention and new patient attract by creating absolute Community Dominance using philanthropy, win-win community partnerships, social media contests and challenges and civic engagement.

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Reactivate Dormant Patients

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To give yourself a consistent flow of new production from dormant patients you must build and deploy a system for reactivating them on autopilot.

With the Flywheel Automation Platform, patients who haven’t been into the office in a given period of time are automatically put into the Dormant Patient Reactivation System. Direct phone calls, text messages, video emails, voice mail drops and even direct mail is send to the lost patients.

Never Rely On Passive Referrals

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A strategically developed Referrals Generation System is required to ensure a consistent flow of referrals into the practice. Relying on patients to send referrals without leading them into doing so will not create growth.

To create a Referrals Generation System that works, five (5) levers must be pushed. You need a Referrals Culture, a Referrals Funnel, Referrals System SOPs, Automation System and the right Office Cues.

Get An Unfair Advantage Over Competitors

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Many of the best new patients will come from your existing patient base. They show up on time, are open to treatment options, and are already sold on just how awesome you are.

Encourage current patients to talk you up to their friends and family by running prebuilt referral campaigns. Dip into the community and grow your practice from the inside out!

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Why these tactices creates momentum

They close the back door on patient churn

The Retention component of your practice flywheel is the piece that will stop you from always playing the new patient game when it comes to your bread-and-butter cases. You must always be on the hunt for implant and cosmetic cases, not bread-and-butter. 

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Give More

Giving more into your community by working with such organizations as The Smiles For Life Foundation builds loyalty in your practice

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Referrals Culture

Create a culture that promotes referrals. A referring patients always stays loyal.

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Win-Win Partnerships

Create strategic partnerships with other businesses in your community to dominate the market.

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Social Media Contests

Execute contests and challenges using social media to engage the community you serve.

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Referrals System

Automate your referrals generation.

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Reactivation System

Get a consistent flow of reactivated  patients on auto pilot with minimum input from your team.

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